Rancho Mirage Sales Office & Gate House

Serving our clients, like we served our country

Rancho Mirage Sales Office & Gate House

  • Client
    Pulte Homes
  • Project
    Del Webb - Rancho Mirage Sales Office and Gate House
  • Services
    Owner Representative, Cost Management, and Project Management
  • Budget
    $2.5 Million
  • Location
    Rancho Mirage, California
  • Square Feet

Value Add

Our support services have ensured that the construction work has remained on schedule and within the approved construction budget.

We have provided  value engineering solutions to save the client money while still accomplishing the look in which they are seeking with these facilities.

Project Description

The project is a new construction of a sales office and community gate house for 55 and older community. The sales office will be the focal point of this new community where the client will be selling their new homes from and consists of multiple offices, kitchen, reception area, restrooms, and a main sales area.

The gate house consists of a restroom and work space for two full-time guards and will be the entry point to this new community.
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