Creating Rupert Services LLC

March 2018
After the successful launch of the Rupert Services LLC website last month, we were able to catch up with the Founder and President, Bill Rupert to learn more about his time in the military, his career path, and how he has found success within the construction industry.

For most people, choosing a career at 18 is daunting. However, for Bill it was a dream one night that led him to join the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). At the time he had just completed High School, told no one he was going to enlist, and took an ATC role because it would allow him to leave as soon as possible.

Driven and a hard-worker, the military gave Bill the opportunity to cross-train and become an Engineering Assistant (EA) after only 18-months of service. As a child, Bill had hoped to be an Architect designing roller coasters, and though he was far from the world of amusement parks, he jumped at the chance to work in construction. He quickly advanced after his training, becoming a draftsman and surveyor, then a Quality AssuranceControl Manager, Contract Manager, and finally Construction Manager. The experience he gained from all of these roles allowed Bill exposure to various unique, sensitive, and top secret projects around the world very early in his career, a substantial advantage to most of his peers working in the public sector.

Though he enjoyed serving, Bill knew he didn't want to be in the military for the rest of his life. He wanted to spend time with his young family, not uproot them every few years, or spend extended periods away. With the future in mind, while still juggling full-time work and deployments, Bill worked tirelessly for 33 months to achieve an AA in Construction Technology, a BA in Project Management, and an MBA in Project Management.

After completing his Degrees, Bill separated from the military five months early for his dream job - building roller coasters in Singapore. However, the roller coasters didn't turn out like the childhood dream and within a few months, he was laid off due to the company’s financial difficulties. Over the next few years, Bill experienced many ups and downs. He gained valuable experience working for a General Contractor, a utility company, and for a consultancy; he was fired, won performance awards, and suffered significant financial setback. Through it all, he persevered. He had a young family to support and knew he could not give up. With every career move, good or bad, he dreamt of starting his own business.

In 2015 after, once again, feeling like his voice was being lost in a larger business, Bill founded Rupert Services LLC on the principles of dedication, reliability, and integrity. Bill created the company on the premise that clients' interests are the top priority, and success is achieved when entire project teams work collaboratively. With the belief that these operating fundamentals are overlooked by many firms, Bill and the team believe these are the reason Rupert Services has been exceptionally successful to date and has the staying power for this competitive industry.

As for the future, Bill believes it is promising, "Currently Rupert Services is supporting client's projects both locally and internationally. Our customers know we are reliable and have their interests at heart. And, because we are small (but mighty), with a unique operating model, we can be counted on without any of the corporate red tape found elsewhere".

With a diverse foundation in various sectors, the future is bright for Rupert Services LLC. Eager to win more projects in 2018, the team is looking forward to hiring additional talent, expanding further across the US market, and continuing to deliver exciting projects for our fantastic clients.

If you want to learn more about Rupert Services LLC, the services we provide, or our team, visit our website or contact us,
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