The Myths of Owner’s Representatives

April 2018
Owners who choose to manage their construction projects in-house often overlook how much time and how many decisions they will need to make throughout a project. They need to be prepared to jump from managing architects and design firms to general contractors, engineers, and leading proposal processes. The Manager needs to be accessible to contractors, be empowered to make decisions promptly, and be able to communicate about construction topics. They need the knowledge necessary to make decisions and have an understanding of the effect these choices will have on the project. That is where we come in, as Owner's Representatives, we work to take away the guesswork, manage the project day-to-day, and help clients to make informed decisions.

When approaching new customers, or trying to win new work, we face misunderstanding of what we do, the services we provide, and the value we can add to projects. Three of the most common misconceptions, or myths, we hear from potential clients are:

1) “We have internal resources that are capable of providing project management support.”
As consultants we allow you to keep overhead low, we are part-time, for a set period, support. We can come in to assist with a specific project or more extensive program, offering expertise, knowledge, and third-party reviews on costs and schedules. We are a flexible resource that can complement your internal team, support them where needed, or take over entirely alleviating the burden on them. Our services allow your team to continue with their day-to-day jobs, working to keep your business operating, and doing what they do best, while we manage your project – this is what we are highly skilled to do.

2) “Owner's Representatives are an added cost.”
RCS has a track record of saving clients’ money beyond justifying our expense. By closely managing a project, we can often reduce costs associated with time management issues, quality control, change orders, and risk management. Serving our clients’ interests, and having cost managers on staff who understand the industry, we work with the contractors and suppliers to ensure expectations are met within or below budget.

3) “An additional level of bureaucracy is created by hiring an Owner's Representative.”
Although we are an additional layer in a project, RCS represents you, the client. We can make decisions on a day-to-day basis on your behalf, in your best interest, and often can alleviate the time a manager onsite must wait to get a response or move forward on specific issues. RCS are on hand to work with the delivery team, offering open communication, and ensuring the contact point person is clear to all parties. This clarity is a considerable benefit in projects that are often changing or when decisions need to be made quickly to keep schedules on track.

In summary, RCS and all Owner's Representatives are hired to manage the lifecycle of a project, aligning the design process and management of the project, with our clients' expectations. We drive their projects to completion, working on their behalf, representing their interests and understanding their expectations. Our firm is contracted help, specializing in construction, working with our clients' to keep them informed and assist in making decisions that can ultimately save time and money, alleviating the burden placed on internal resources.

If you would like to learn more about our services and how they may benefit you and your upcoming or current projects, please drop us a line. RCS is always up for a challenge and interested in solving yours.
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